One resume for every application

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Candidly is a first-of-its-kind skills profile that objectively matches Software Developers with every role based solely on them having the programming skills for the job.


How Candidly is doing it differently

One resume for every application

We match you to roles based on your programming skills, removing the reliance on your resume so there’s no need to customize it for every application again.

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Guaranteed feedback on every application

Candidly won’t ghost you. We provide meaningful feedback on every role you apply for, giving you the best chance of finding the job that you want.

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Only receive the jobs that you want to see

Candidly uses your programming skills and job preferences to ensure you’re only notified of the jobs that you want to see, and you’re not spammed with those you don’t.

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Equal opportunity when applying 

Your anonymous Candidly profile ensures you’re not overlooked and are initially considered for the role based solely on your programming skills.

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The simplest way to find a Developer role

Create your Candidly profile

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Select your programming skills

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Choose your job preferences

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Get notified of suitable roles

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Download the Candidly mobile app for FREE!

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What our developers are saying

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I wasn't actively looking for a new job but Candidly matched my profile to a role and the offer was too good to turn down.

Software Developer
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Candidly is genuinely trying to better this process and I truly thank you for that. You are not expected to be replying to junior dev hopefuls like myself but you are and that says a lot about your passion for what you do.

Software Developer
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I got an interview through Candidly at the same company that I had sent my resume to months earlier with no response!


Software Developer
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Finally a platform where I can display my skills and have employers acknowledge that I have the skills to do the job, without having any prior work experience.

Software Developer
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Your feedback is greatly appreciated. It helps me to improve my resume and skills.

Software Developer